How Courses Are Delivered

When your purchase payment goes through and is confirmed, you will be sent an email that contains all related materials and instructions, including link to to a web browser page site where you download the video files from (this can take minutes or a few hours for you to get the email with the link and the instructions).

You just follow the instructions contained in the email, and then download all the materials in to your computer, to be used whenever you desire.  This is obviously the quickest way to get the materials to you, and has no shipping fee. And you can access the information any time you want, forever. You will actually have the course in your computer.

Courses are best utilized with a computer. With space on yoru hard drive.

It is possible to watch the videos on a tablet, but some tablets struggle with this. Courses come with tests and worksheets, and many come with several supportive documents. So again, this is best utilized and done on a computer.

A good internet signal also helps and allows for faster downloading.

I am available by email to help with any issues downloading.

Courses have no expiration date.

FSOMA Members Receive a 20% Discount, see drop down menu for that price.