Amy is one of few experts in these topics nationwide.  With almost two decades experiencing teaching them. This is a unique opportunity to get great information, chiseled down by an expert.

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Ethics in OM Practice                         4 Hours - FL ‘Medical Errors’, and NCCAOM ‘Safety’

(this is more hours than ‘required’ for renewal in FL or the NCCAOM, but don’t worry the extra hours are 100% usable as they roll over into “General” hours for FL, and “Core” hours for NCCAOM)

This is the most comprehensive course on “What exactly is Ethics?”, “Why”, and aspects specific to the professional practice of Oriental Medical.  It covers general aspects of Ethics, but predominantly focuses on all the foundation and key considerations that will help the attendee much more easily determine the Ethical way of running their practice and handling day to day situations. Specific Codes of Ethics within the medical world, the Hippocratic Oath, the AMA, the NCCAOM, and FSOMA, are included and used to identify general and key themes and principles.  The later portion of the material lists Ethical issues and situations that could occur in Oriental Medical practice.   Spread throughout will be explanations of, and learning points from, actual Ethical violations that have occurred around the country.