Safety, Medical Errors

Amy is one of few experts in these topics nationwide.  With nearly two decades experiencing teaching them. This is a unique opportunity to get great information, chiseled down by an expert.

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Safety Regulations for Herbal or Supplement Practice

                                                        3 Hours - FL ‘Medical Errors’, and NCCAOM ‘Safety’

(this is more hours than ‘required’ for renewal in FL or the NCCAOM, but don’t worry the extra hours are 100% usable as they roll over into “General” hours for FL, and “Core” hours for NCCAOM)

New in 2021. This course goes into the deepest detail of the actual regulations for professional practice.  There are national FDA regulations regarding methods and procedures that all professionals that recommend, prescribe, buy, sell, dispense, compound, or mix herbs or supplements must know and adhere to. They are known as ‘cGMP’, and this course gives the history, rationale, and benefits of the guidelines.  It provides how they actually benefit your practice, as they are based on safety, but they also provide patient satisfaction and compliance. The course includes many resources and specifics for implementation in your practice. Including: the major headings within cGMP and step by step instructions on why and how to implement them, safety and cleanliness requirements of the herbal practitioner and of the clinic space and staff responsibilities, and labeling specifics.

Note: Florida Rules, 64B1, requires adherence to all FDA requirements,

including labeling, when using herbs or dietary supplements

in licensed practice.

Medical Errors and Safety - Specific to Herbal Practice

                                                        2 Hours - FL ‘Medical Errors’, and NCCAOM ‘Safety’

This course covers the most important aspects to increasing safety and reducing harm for the Acupuncturist that prescribes or sells herbs or supplements. It covers everything from regulations to simple everyday things you can do in actual practice. Includes information on how to better know the quality and safety of the brands and products you purchase and recommend. Every practice that uses herbs should be aware of this information. Not only will it benefit you and your patients, it will lower your likelihood of having an herb related injury or complaint filed against you.

Real Life Medical Errors in Acupuncture Practice

                                                        2 Hours - FL ‘Medical Errors’, and NCCAOM ‘Safety’

This is the ideal course in this topic, if this is your first purchase of my material on this topic. It is straight forward and loaded with practical information. It is recorded AUDIO files, a handout, and the test. It covers a broad range of the most common safety topics.  It covers actual things that are occurring in Acupuncture practices around the country and is loaded with simple and practical ways to be safer and reduce Medical Errors in an Acupuncture and Herbal Setting.

Safety and Medical Errors      2 Hours - FL ‘Medical Errors’, and NCCAOM ‘Safety’

This course is a continuation of the popular “Real Life Medical Errors”.  It can be taken by people that took that course and now need a new course on this topic for the next renewal period.  And also is entirely of value to anyone that did not take that class.  Covering examples of real life injuries, accidents and errors that have occurred within the OM community, it is loaded with practical guidance and tips.

Red Flags, Safety, Medical Errors                         2 Hours - FL ‘Medical Errors’, and NCCAOM ‘Safety’

This new and updated course is appropriate for beginning level participants, up to advanced.  The core features include knowing: “When Not to Treat”, “Red Flags” and “Referral”, and how these have formed the root underpinnings of some preventable safety and medical errors cases. These can have a very negative impact on patient trust, including loss of trust in acupuncture care.  They also easily can lead to civil/malpractice vulnerability, as well as disciplinary action by Florida Department of Health.

Note: Due to Florida Law and Rule, Acupuncture practice in Florida is classified as “a form of Primary Health care” and thus, knowing when and how to refer and recommend other forms of health care is required.

“Herbal Dispensary Guidelines” 6 NCCAOM in Safety - FL ‘Medical Errors’ are Pending

(this is more hours than ‘required’ for renewal in FL or the NCCAOM, but don’t worry the extra hours are 100% usable as they roll over into “General” hours for FL, and “Core” hours for NCCAOM)

This course is a step by step usable guide to the regulations we and our manufacturers need to be following, as outlined by the FDA in the “cGMP” guidelines.  It goes step by step through each aspect, and also clarifies ‘dispensing’ vs. ‘compounding’ vs. ‘manufacturing’.  It comes with many extra documents that can be used as templates for record keeping in your office. This is THE course that is required to apply to the State of Ohio for practicing with Herbal Medicine.  There are national (FDA) regulations regarding good manufacturing procedures that all professionals that buy, sell, dispense, compound, mix, or prescribe need to adhere to. The course includes an increased awareness of what quality manufacturing of pre-made products is, and how to recognize it from your suppliers.