Taught by Amy Sear, AP, Dipl OM

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  3 Hours -  FL - “General”

                   NCCAOM - “Core”

This course covers every aspect of professional documentation. It is very comprehensive and thorough. The advantages of good documentation are many, and includes safety. However, this is rarely taught in school. We are left to make up our own system and with very little guidance. This course will provide numerous practical ways to enhance your documentation, with plenty of tips and resources. The techniques you will learn will make your records and documentation faster, more articulate, more professional, and will provide better defense and protection in the case of a legal accusation. In addition, the kind of documentation presented can provide enhanced respect and referrals. The information is instantly usable and appropriate for anyone in any size or type or practice. It is particularly advantageous for those working in any aspect of Integration, or those hoping to some day.

Amy is one of few experts in this topic nationwide. And she is an experienced and well respected speaker. This is a unique opportunity to get great information, chiseled down by an expert.


This Course Comes in the Format of a High Quality Video.  It Can be Played on Any Computer, or Loaded on Any Smart Phone or Tablet

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